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No development welfare project will be successful without the missionary zeal of eminent luminaries. The initiative and responsibility will have to be taken by such dynamic personalities who are eminently committed to selfless service in the commission of such works. It is not enough that one should possess the zeal and enthusiasm but should have also the inherent capacity in carrying out this mission. The activities of the society especially, in the educational field dates back to the very early when Mr. Duraisamy Iyangar started schools in 6 neighboring villages for educating the poor people of the region. After the demise of the founder one school at Vilvarayanallur which did not change hands was taken charge of by the FounderChairman of the Society and the management of that school has been in the hands of our society thereafter.

Mr. V. Krishnamurthi, Chairman of Duraisamy Generous Social Education Association who was also a renowned social worker of Kancheepuram District was one such committed person with the required zeal and who was instrumental in motivating and providing the objectives of genuine and noble socio development works.

Mr.V.Krishnamurthi was from a middle class family in Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu State. His ancestor and relatives are Educationalists and Social Workers. He had lost his dear Mother at his tender age of one. He has not seen the face of his Mother and not even a photograph of his Mother. He has personally experienced how essential and precious is Mother's love to a tender child and has decided to give to the Orphans and Destitute children what he did not get namely Mother's love with resultant safety, security and solidarity.

Even in his childhood, he evinced some special qualities of compassion for the poor, service-mindedness, simplicity, selflessness, high sense of duty, dignity and discipline, honesty and capacity. He had his education till Matriculation and underwent Teachers Training. He began his career as a Teacher in Primary School and retired as a High School Teacher. He started caring for other children more than his own children because he felt that his own children have parents. But there are plenty of children who are less fortunate.

During his periodical trips into the interior rural areas of the district in connection with social work he came across many children who had nobody to support or take care of. They are virtually thrown on the streets without any education, no one to support and leading a miserable life on account of the poverty stricken conditions. Taking pity on the plight of these unfortunate orphan boys and girls Mr.V.Krishnamurthi decided to do something for their upliftment and rehabilitation.

The society "Duraisamy Generous Social Education Association" was the result of the observations made and findings arrived at by V.Krishnamurthi during his social work sojourns. During the trips undertaken unto the interior parts of the Kancheepuram District which were essentially rural he came across a large number of poor people living in miserable conditions without any education or employment and occupying unhygienic and inhabitants were poor and below the poverty line. Being a witness to this situation, Mr.V.Krishnamurhi came to a determined conclusion to help these poor people to improve their living conditions. For this purpose he along with like minded people founded and organization/society under the name and style "Duraisamy Generous Social Education Association". This society was duly Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

Our Chairman Dr.V.Krishnamurthi left us on 10th August 2020 at the Age of 95. His services to the society will be remembered for ever and we strive to continue the activities to fulfil his vision.

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